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Asset Protection

The undersea domain is arguably the most challenging security environment. Underwater threats are inherently covert and difficult to detect. Working with Forcys you can count on over a decade of experience providing game-changing leading capability.

Combat divers and underwater drones have nowhere to hide.


We provide active and passive sonar to deliver comprehensive situational awareness. These sonars can be used by expeditionary forces to provide temporary perimeter defenses or be deployed permanently to secure ships, harbors or other critical infrastructure. Class leading range means that you have more time to react and interdict the threat.

Find out why leading maritime security integrators and navies choose to work with us.


Our technical partners have sold and deployed more underwater intruder detection systems than any other organization in the world. And you can count on their expertise when you choose to work with us. The sonars have been carefully designed to maximize the detection range and improve the performance. The processing software is capable of analyzing thousands of contacts and providing simple results to your operators.

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Sensing. Communications. Imaging. Control. Navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.

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