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Submarine & Anti-Submarine Warfare

Your peer adversaries are investing in innovative systems to deliver undersea lethality targeting subsea infrastructure and platforms. Facing up to these threats you will soon be able to count on a new generation of autonomous platforms to increase your reach. The burning question is how can you make best use of them, underwater communications is the defining technology that will solve this.

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Underwater Networks

Combining sensors on remotely deployed, self-powered autonomous vehicles, buoys and seafloor monuments with your conventional platforms will provide a better picture of the environment and help target your adversaries. To enable this vision, Forcys provides your team with scalable, secure underwater networks as well as the instruments required to sense, navigate and communicate.

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The Future Now

With Forcys you can count on over forty years experience providing solutions in support of submarines and their mission. Our communication solutions are solving future challenges, but already today Forcys stands ready to provide an active network of unattended autonomous sensors that sit, listen and communicate unwarranted activity. We help you to monitor choke points.

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Sensing. Communications. Imaging. Control. Navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.

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