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Command & Control

Your command and control systems are evolving at an extraordinary pace through the introduction of increasingly remote and autonomous off-board assets. Building a situational picture, asserting domination and increasing lethality will require uncrewed systems to do what they are told to do and report back effectively. In the challenging undersea domain, tools that best exploit your resources will be game changing.

Uncrewed Surface Vessels

Our technology partner EIVA has been at the forefront of the USV revolution. You can use their C2 software to plan, monitor, and pilot USV systems from any manufacturer remotely and autonomously. They also offer commercially leading hydrographic software tools used in support of civilian and defense applications; building the undersea picture in real-time. Alternatively use it to command and harvest data from UUVs and unattended autonomous seafloor sensors.

Improving ROV Operations

Remotely operated vehicles are increasingly being used in support of underwater operations. But if you have ever flown an ROV you will know how hard it is to simply get it to do what you need it to do when you need it to do it. EIVA’s ROV control software introduces fly-by-wire and autonomous flying, ensuring effective operations for all your mission requirements with minimal training needs.

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