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Environmental Sensors

An obvious way to improve your operations starts with a better understanding of the undersea environment. The performance of your payloads and systems is closely tied to it. New sampling techniques requiring smaller form factor electronics and sensors mean that it is now easier than ever to provide in-situ sensing to help build a better picture, quicker. This information can both provide a tactical advantage and also be used to improve your hydrographic office’s models.

Tactical Oceanography

Using multi-parameter sensor packs from our technology partner Chelsea Technologies it is possible to gather critical information including conductivity, temperature, depth, optical turbidity, absorption and fluorescence across the visual and ultraviolet spectrums. This information can help build a picture of the features that make up the waters in your operational area. Deployed on gliders, UUVs or seafloor nodes they deliver persistent monitoring.

Improved operations

Why does this matter? Your divers can measure water quality ahead of a dive. Your swimmer delivery vehicles can measure bioluminescence in parts per trillion reacting to the environment before it is too late. Your UUVs can map ocean fronts and use the intelligence to improve their acoustic sensor performance. Your gliders can measure residue from fuels from surface traffic. With this information at your fingertips you can make better informed decisions and improve your lethality.

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