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Mine Warfare

Underwater mine warfare has entered a new age where the use of autonomous underwater and surface vehicles is no longer limited to very shallow waters. Underwater drones, and their payloads, have evolved to deliver increased effectiveness across the whole of the littoral domain. Forcys offers you invaluable technical knowhow and working solutions to enhance your capability.

Provide your warfighters with improved percentage clearances and minimised detect-to-engage timelines.


Search, classify, and map more effectively using new generation maritime autonomous systems equipped with improved navigation and tailor-made mine-hunting sonars. Re-acquire and identify with 4K and laser optical sensors optimised for underwater operations. Then neutralise through the use of secure, covert acoustic triggers.

Find out how Forcys solutions are being used to support EOD and MCM missions.


A world-first, combined multi aperture sonar and laser module enables you to deliver demonstrably better search, classify, map, re-acquire and identify missions from a single platform. Automatic target recognition reduces the cognitive workload on your operators. Acoustic triggers make your operations more effective and safer.

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Sensing. Communications. Imaging. Control. Navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.

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