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Ranges are vital to support test and evaluation of new and existing capabilities. As the challenges you face and the platforms you use evolve, so do the ranges need to evolve with them. We have the experience required to help track a wider range of platforms including new autonomous systems and high-speed targets. Building on significant heritage delivering underwater pingers and tracking technology in the defence and commercial domain, Forcys offers innovative solutions to support both your existing infrastructure and your future concepts.

Tailor and deploy your range using best-of-class instrumentation.

Track Anywhere

Forcys offers you an intimate understanding of the challenges and the environment and helps to position and track all your assets. Leverage our commercial signals or design your own waveforms over a wide range of frequency bands. Run to a programmed schedule without compromising performance using our compact and rapidly deployable solutions. Integrate new generation autonomous systems seamlessly to your operations.

Learn how our solutions have been deployed in support of existing range work.

Custom Made

With Forcys solutions your teams can mobilise from vessels of opportunity or use uncrewed surface vessels to track and communicate with your platforms. They can deploy and release battery operated, acoustically networked, pingers, seafloor sensors and buoys. Train your operators and calibrate your tools using our low cost, compact and flexible sonar systems.

Take a deep dive into some our technical solutions for test and evaluation.

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Sensing. Communications. Imaging. Control. Navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.

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