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Active sonars are the most common situational awareness payload in the underwater domain. Used in support of mapping, detection and classification, sonars propagate acoustic waves insonifying the environment around them and provide tactical pictures at significant ranges. Advances in signal processing and hardware processors mean that they can be readily integrated into ports, vessels, marine autonomous systems and swimmer delivery vehicles transforming the real-time understanding of the environment.

Intruder Detection

When it comes to choke point monitoring, sonars provide a perimeter defence against combat divers and a new generation of underwater drones. Forcys is proud to offer you the world’s most deployed intruder detection sonar. Developed by our technology partner Wavefront Systems, the Sentinel intruder detection system is used to defend ports, naval facilities and commissioned ships in overseas engagements.

Search, Classify, Map

To support hydrographic mapping of the environment in support of rapid environmental assessment, mine warfare, salvage, or search and rescue operations, there are few technologies as effective as multi-aperture sonars. These sonars provide unrivaled area coverage rates compared to other sensors in their class. Wavefront Systems has led the development of this technology and its multi-aperture sonar can be found in leading remotely operated towed vehicles (ROTV) and uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUVs).

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