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Our transformative technologies enable you to dominate the deep

Forcys is a global maritime defence company. Backed by 50 years of expertise in the domain and an in-house developed technology portfolio, we deliver, integrate and support customer-shaped solutions for navies and defence organisations, helping them to defend and project battlespace advantage above and below the surface.

Who We Are

Pioneers in underwater defence, powered by bold thinking

Our business leverages industry-proven solutions from exclusive partners, each recognised for its genuine excellence and leadership, to deliver a networked, digital battlespace capability. Forcys solutions are built to solve your problems and our goal is to make the underwater domain a safer place by putting technology, not people, in harm’s way.

Technology Partners

Working together to deliver next generation technology


At Forcys we are passionate and driven: dedicated to solve your challenges in the underwater domain. Through our technology partners, we offer you decades of innovation, experience and technical leadership.

If it’s been done, we will let you know how. If it can be done, we will sit down with you and put the pieces together to make it happen. We understand your need for increasingly remote and autonomous off-board assets. We know you need them to deliver increased lethality in the most challenging domain. We have access to a wide range of capability spanning undersea acoustics, autonomous systems, communications, databases, machine learning, navigation systems, optical systems, signal processing, sonars, tactical oceanography, and user interfaces. All of these are at your disposal. Our technology partners and us look forward to hearing from you.

Ioseba (Joe) Tena, Managing Director, Forcys