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Integrated Solutions

Forcys offers increasingly remote and autonomous solutions across the underwater domain. We have the ability to integrate and combine products from our technology partners meaning that your team can focus on the platforms and the mission. We will deliver increased capability and value to you under one roof. No supply chain headaches. If you need an underwater technical partner, we are it.

Combined Payloads

Do you need to search, classify and identify? Our combined multi-aperture sonar and laser imaging payload is a turnkey solution that transforms your UUV’s capabilities. Use it to cover larger areas, quicker and then identify objects of interest with millimetric precision. Need to improve your ROV’s capabilities? Then look no further than our inspection skid combining leading navigation and laser imaging, add another dimension to your mission by incorporating environmental sensors. These are just some examples of our capabilities.

Integrated Systems

At Forcys we are able to select best of breed COTS from our technology partners to deliver a step up in capability. A great example is Equinox. It brings together a state-of-the-art fly-by-wire ROTV, multi-aperture sonar and inertial navigation to improve the performance of your mine countermeasures surveys. Deploy it and operate it from your uncrewed surface vessel. Find contacts in real-time. When it comes to developing new capability you can count us.

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