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Optical Systems

If you want to reliably identify a target there is nothing like an image. Human operators are innately familiar with the output from optical systems. You can count on these systems to deliver certainty to your mission. The recent introduction of laser scanning techniques provide a new dimension to your data products. Three dimensional data can now be used to support decision making through your chain of command.

Improved decisions

Better data means more information and better decisions. That’s why the team at our technology partner Voyis has spent so much time developing state-of-the-art underwater optical systems. They are dedicated to making every subsea vehicle see the depths like you see the surface. We offer you laser scanners and high-resolution cameras as well as the edge processing required to visualise the underwater environment in real-time.

Automatic target recognition

As systems become further automated, you need to consider how the data is going to be processed in real-time, on-board autonomous systems in support of decision making. This is where new artificial intelligence systems and machine learning algorithms can make a difference. Our technology partners at EIVA working with Voyis have developed, adapted and deployed these systems targeting the underwater domain and data generated in this space.

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