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Submarine Rescue

Successful submarine rescues require high resolution, large area surveys carried out quickly. Too long and a rescue mission turns into a salvage one. Once the downed submarine is located, underwater communications enable direct dialogue between the boat and the rescuer. Forcys solutions deliver quicker deployments, improved surveys and communications.

Our expertise in undersea situational awareness is your key differentiator.

Salvage and Rescue

By offering acoustic pinger positioning and tracking, sonars, optical imaging and leading post-processing software, Forcys can transform your operations enabling larger, more accurate coverage using a range of platforms from towed platforms to autonomous systems. Our optical modems help you establish real-time two-way wireless video conference communications with the submarine.

Learn how the same technologies were applied on the Shackleton mission.

Fit for Purpose

Our teams of experts offer advice and work alongside your teams helping you to configure and adapt a wide range of technical solutions. Whether you are operating from dedicated platforms or mobilising on vessels of opportunity, you can count on Forcys to deliver state-of-the-art technologies to meet the most demanding challenges.

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Sensing. Communications. Imaging. Control. Navigation. With everything under one roof, we will accelerate your operational capability in the underwater battlespace.

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